Dr. Almajid presents the most important achievements of the Saudi Chemical Society in its Twentieth Meeting

En.Fouad Moussa the general manager of technical innovation in “SABIC” company has emphasized that Saudi young man innovative industry is the best way to create a competitive capacity that makes the difference in the field of research and innovation.


En.Fouad Moussa the general manager of technical innovation in “SABIC” company has emphasized that Saudi young man innovative industry is the best way to create a competitive capacity that makes the difference in the field of research and innovation.


En. Musa quoted in his speech during his invitation in the public meeting of the Saudi twentieth Chemical Assembly, nullwhich was held in 27 May 2015, in “Diriyah” hall at King Saud University, in the presence of the members of the board directors, and members of the Assembly participants, sponsored by media of newspaper “Al-Mwaten”, the outputs of King Abdul Aziz management and his gifted statesmen besides  what he discovered from innovative minds which will have a significant matter in the future, pointing out that innovative minds are the minds which creates and develop economies in the world, citing the company SABIC and other international companies, such as “Apple” ,”Google” and “Microsoft”.

It is important to state that the general director of technology and innovation of “SABIC” company pointed out to the innovation award which was announced by “SABIC” recently that it has been extended to allow the largest number of innovators to participate for the belief of “SABIC” to surround such important minds by care and motivates them.

Mr. Fouad Moussa has declared that the associations and institutions have a major role in industry besides the key role they play in surrounding innovators by care and motivation through an appropriate development, workshops and conferences that display what their minds have produced.

On the other hand Mr. Moses’s speech had received a tribute by the members of Board Directors of the Saudi Chemical association as it was welcomed widely by the audience.

Furthermore; the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Chemical association Dr. Abdullah Al- Maged has stressed the importance of research in various fields and the hard work for the sake of creativity and humanitarian service.

From another side Dr. Almajid highlighted during the twentieth public meeting the work carried out by the Assembly during the period between May –2,014 until May 2015, as for the number of Joint cooperation agreements which were signed, most important of which, the cooperation agreement with Saudi Basic Industries “SABIC” preliminary draft of the agreement that aims to establish a cooperative relationship between the Assembly and SABIC, therefore to pursue the achievement of economic and technological development in basic and applied chemistry science in addition to supporting scientific research for researchers and students of both sexes besides female students in different grades.

Regardless to mention that Dr. Almajid has pointed out that the Assembly has agreed to support the Egyptian Chemistry World magazine, a public scientific and cultural magazine, as the Board of Directors of Saudi Chemical association has approved the Authorship of a scientific modern book in General Chemistry syllabus in collaboration with the Union of Arab Chemists.

Needless to say that the Chairman of the Board Directors has pointed out to the scientific and cultural publications of the Association, as about six versions have been published from the Journal of Saudi Chemical association within the International Classification ISI, moreover; another six versions of the Arab magazine of classified Chemistry within the International Classification in collaboration with the Union of Arab Chemists, in addition to the version number One of the cultural magazine Chemistry.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors declared that the Assembly intends to organize a conference in Dubai in the period between December 7 to 9, 2015, discussing the recent trends in materials science, moreover; the Sixth International Conference on Chemistry in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry at King Saud University will be held at the end of April 2016.

It is worthy to state that Dr.Abdullah Almajid has clarified that the Assembly participated in a number of forums, including the organization of activities of the second scientific symposium (New Trends in Chemistry), also the assembly has interviewed the VII Arabic Olympiad in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in 7-10 September 2014, in El-Medina El-Monawara, in addition to participating in the book fair, which was established in Jazan University, besides launching the new official website of the Saudi Chemical association on the Internet (www.chem.org.sa).

With paying focus on Dr. Abdullah Al Majid statement that the Assembly has established a Specialized scientific sessions at the headquarters of the Chemistry Department at King Saud University in Riyadh, known as: a session in liquid chromatography of international performance for a week, in addition to a session in gas chromatography for a week, besides a course in Inductively Coupled Plasma – mass spectrometry for a week.

Dr. Nasser Alfereedy null, the director of the public relations in the Saudi Chemical Society has explained the importance of the communication with the user via text messages, explaining that the membership was renewed and payable automatically through the association website.

Also He pointed out that Dr.Alfereedy association offers three types of membership which are:

  • Active membership
  • membership of students
  • enrollment membership,

pointing out to the importance of using all means of social communication to communicate with members.


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