Saudi Chemical Society hosts the Arab Chemists Union premises.

In the 29th meeting of the supreme council for the Arab
Chemists Union held in Syria in 2010 Dr. Ahmed Alghamdi was elected as secretary general for the Arab
Chemists Union for a session of three years.

 In the 32nd meeting of the Union held in Ras Alkheima,
UAE in april 2013, Dr. Deifallah M. Aldayyan, chairman of the society for the 8th session was elected secretary general to the Union for a three years period.
The headquarters of the Union is thus in the Chemistry Department of King Saud University. The Union’s
secretariat general in cooperation with the Society will
launch as series of new activities to promote the science and profession of chemistry in all parts of the
Arab World.
During its heading of the Union, the Society carried
out various projects and program intended to promote
chemistry in the Arab World in general. Following is a
summary for the major projects introduced by the Society for the Union during only one year.

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