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Saudi Chemical Society :

  • It is a scientific society that carries out its activities to develop chemistry in research, services, educational and vocational fields.
  • The society was established on 5/5/1409(1989) following the approval of the Scientific Council of King Saud University. The office of the society is located in the Chemistry Department of King Saud University. It has currently more than 1,500 members.
  • Saudi Chemical Society headed the Arab Chemists Union and it is a member of the Asian Chemical Societies Federation and has obtained primary approval for the membership of the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).


Activities of the Saudi Chemical Society

  1. Organizing conferences, seminars and training courses,
  2. Issuing scientific periodicals and specialized cultural magazines,
  3. Conducting scientific research, advisory services and studies,
  4. Writing and translating scientific books related to the Society’s activities,
  5. Participating in organizing local and international scientific exhibitions.



To be most prominent scientific society in the Kingdom and Arab World in both quantitative and qualitative aspects.



To participate in development of chemists in the Kingdom, serve them and enhance aware-ness of the role of chemistry in solving contemporary problems and contribute to the society development and lead it to a better life.



  1. Enhance educational and vocational level of the those specialized in chemistry,
  2. Increase society awareness about the important role of chemistry in contemporary life,
  3. Support the relationship between chemists in different sectors and provide the opportu-nity to exchange experience and knowledge among them,
  4. Participate in publishing scientific researches and encouraging innovation in the differ-ent parts of chemistry,
  5. Encourage young people to excel in chemistry and compete on local, Arab and interna-tional levels,
  6. Reward distinct chemists and highlight young talents specialized in chemistry,
  7. Protect environment and encourage safe chemical practices,
  8. Support woman’s role in the chemical specializations and enhance the educational and vocational level of women working in the field of teaching chemistry.


Society’s Membership in International Chemistry Unions

      Member of the Arab Chemists Union since 2001 and headed the

        Union in the period 2008-2016.

-       Member of the Saudi Asian Chemists Societies Federation since 2007.

      Member of the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry since 2009.

        This union is the largest and most important one in the field of chemistry and played

        an historical role in the development and progress of chemistry science and profession. 

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