MajorĀ Training Courses

1- Training course on nano technology and preparation of micro materials. The course was provided by the in-ternational expert Dr. Sami Alshal, chemistry professor in the American University of Virginia.

2- Several courses on safety in chemistry laboratories specially tailored for the Ministry of Defense and took eight weeks.

3- Several courses about chromatography technology (HPLC) special for the HPLC analysis technology. A separate course was held for males and females.

4- Course on dual induction – atomic transmission which was a specialized course to introduce this ad-vanced technology.

5- Training course on atomic absorption technology – basics and applications which was a specialized course in AAS analysis used intensely in analyzing chemical elements.

6- Training course on scientific research skills which was a specialized course for higher education students to teach them the basic skills for scientific research.

7- Training course on identifying nuclear resonance waves (NMR) which was a specialized course on this advanced technology which is quite important in re-search and application.

8- Training course on analysis of electrochemical resis-tance waves which was a specialized course on one of the advanced scientific methods which gains continu-ous importance.

9- Course on the development of skills for conducting scientific chemical experiments in secondary schools to enhance the skills of students to conduct such experi-ments.

10- Short course on safety in chemistry laboratories which was a support course for the extended and full course of safety in chemistry laboratories.

11- Training courses for university students: several courses provided to students of the Chemistry Club and Chemical Engineering Club in the University.

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