Membership Privileges

1-  The member obtains the Society’s publications,

2- The member is granted a discount in conferences registration fees,

3- The member is granted a discount in the training courses fees,

4- The member may be nominated to obtain summer training in the pioneering industrial com-panies in Saudi Arabia,

5-  The Society may help the member in finding available job opportunities.



Honorary Membership of Companies and Firms

This membership is granted to companies and firms that finance the Society with an amount of SR 25,000 on continuous basis. This membership gives the following privileges:

-       The company’s name and logo are added in a clear place in the Society’s website and in all the advertising publications of the society such as stickers, flyers the magazines.

-       The company’s name is added on permanent basis in the meetings and symposia.

-       The honorary member has the right to an-nounce in the company’s materials that it has an honorary membership in the Society.

-       The company that has honorary membership obtains free full membership for 5 of its em-ployees and five free copies of the Society’s five publications. 

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