International Publishing of Society’s Magazines

In cooperation with King Saud University the Society is currently publishing on in-ternational basis the “Journal of Saudi Chemical Society” and the “Arabian Journal of Chemistry”. The two publications are published by Elsevier Publishers which an international publisher in Holland.

These magazines are printed by printing houses in London.

Researches are submit-ted and corrected through the website for these magazines. These magazines have been added to
various international electronic data bases such as Science Direct while most of
them have been added ISI data base.

Scientific and Cultural Publications:


(1) Journal of Saudi Chemical SocietyA scientific refreedjournal and issued four num-bers per year, and is interested in the magazine Scientific and Industrial Research and En-vironmental, an international journal publishing and accept both Arabic and English.


ISI, IF1.288(2013)

(2) Arabian Journal of Chemistry:

A scientific arbiter journal issued by the Society in cooperation with the Arab
Chemists Union. It is characterized by and editing staff that represents
various Arab countries. The Journal is is-sued on quarterly basis.

ISI, IF2.266(2013)

(3) Chemical Cultural Magazine: a cultural news magazine that focuses on different issues in all fields of
chemistry and aims at simplifying chemistry sciences for all readers. It also contains news about the Society and its activities.

(4) Chemistry Education:It is concerned with educational scientific journal publishes articles concerned with the education of chemistry at all stages of education, especially public education and the latest scientific methods in the teaching of chemistry.

(5) Arab Chemist Magazine:


This is a cultural news magazine issued by the Society in cooperation with the
Arab Chemists Union and it focuses on news of chemistry societies and unions in
the Arab World.

It also provides various scientific educational articles in the field of
chemistry and its applications.

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